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About Souldance


Turn twist and dance with your soul.

Company Overview

The human body. The strangest creation on earth. The life in a human, started by a heartbeat, a brainwave, a muscle movement. Gradually passing by, from crawling to going to school to getting a job to getting married and having a family. But eventually this human life will end. The heart will stop beating, the brain will stop sending waves, and we will just be a lifeless empty figure. But one thing that will live on forever, and never die, is the soul. Our soul is born with us, modified as we grow up, experiencing the many things that make us who we are. Our soul is our lifestyle. In everyones lives, there is a point where the soul must find itself, find its purpose, find its rhythm. After that moment of self recognition the soul lives in bliss. Five Lines of clothing to help you find yourself, find your soul. Denim Regime, Super Select, Core, Vintage and Naked Earth to help you find your soul. Always keeping it in bliss, always happy. Always Dancing.


Denim Regime As Souldance introduces this new line, it takes you back thousands of years to the time of knights, chariots, wars and Denim. Back then, kings were always waging wars sometimes for land, sometimes for power and sometimes even for fun. But the only true honorable thing to fight for was denim, and the only people who fought for this noble reason were heroes. King Soul dedicated his life to conquer all lands of denim for the different styles such as the Kingdom of Jean for The Boot Cut, the Land of Indigo for the Low Rise and finally the Kingdom of Stitch, the largest region of denim in the whole world, for the Slim Fit. After he had triumphed over all lands of denim he started the Denim Regime. This form of government ruled the whole world of Denim, even after King Soul’s death. So we say this fellow good sirs bring honor to your homeland by making it one of the lands of denim King Soul conquered, for even after his death, territories are being conquered by his denim.


The most technically advanced fashion line, engineered by Souldance. These state of the art clothing were engineered in our future studio near Saturn, in its core atmosphere at axis inclination 23’59 60 7. 77701/C0 O.1E. The Studio is built in the distant Future through the Jupiteran Schwarzschild wormhole, which takes you 367 years forward. Our Core line clothing, designed in our future studio in the future, was sent through our personal satellite to our Earth station, Lat. 23 .7, Lon. 90.4,which is inhabited by humanoids. From there our human retrieve the messages, and deliver it to our designer, who approves of the design and sends it to the workshop for manufacturing. So Souldance elucidates that no matter how far in the future or the past, our core line will always be a far ahead than everyone else.

Super Select

The center of attention. Something someone is every once in a while. That happens when someone walks the red carpet, looking chic, elegant and smart. It is not the person that gets the people going. It’s the way they look. Souldance now offers that look in its new line. Super Select. Walk into a crowded place with hundreds of people but the eyes follow you, for Super Select is always à la mode. Everyone should get a chance to feel what its like walking the red carpet


The greatest superstars lived in the era of retro (1950’s- 1980’s). Marylin Monroe(1950), Andy Warhol(1960), John Lennon(1970), Jimmi Hendrix (1950)and Michael Jackson(1980)were only some of them. Most of them left us before our birth, leaving us uneducated of how congenial and fabulous life was in their time. We will never know how the looked and how they felt while dressed in their prodigious clothes…until now. Souldance gives you the chance to feel like you’re in the 50s to 80s, in our new line, Vintage. Vintage is a new make of Souldance that lets you live in the time of the retro age like the greatest icons of the world.

Naked Earth

We are all born naked, with no clothes, with no implications. Thats how the earth started off. Then as time gradually passed, the earth got dressed with buildings, unwanted gases, factories and automobiles. Think of it like this, clothes are harmful. They kill us. Now apply that to our earth. In all senses, its true. So our mission is to not add anymore attire to our world, or at least dress it with earth friendly clothes. Now apply that to us. Naked Earth uses all earth friendly clothing such as organic fibre, recycled yarn, all natural extracts such as bamboo and jute. We use the least amount of water, and our manufacturing methods have no affect on our few heavenly water bodies. Naked Earth garments are never packed in plastic bags, as we try to go on with our mission 100%, the whole way. Like the saying goes, as inhabitants of this earth it is our responsibility to take care of it by following the 3 r’s; reduce reuse and recycle. Souldance has rephrased that saying in a more rhythmic manner. If we are born naked like the earth, we should thrive to keep it that way. So with our clothing we are trying to revive the Earth. Let us live life once again in a Naked Earth


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